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Chatuchak Market Part 1 - JJ Market - Worlds Biggest Outdoor Weekend Market

We couldn't possibly visit Bangkok and not go to Chatuchak Market on Saturday. Also known as JJ Market, it was a massive shopping mecca covering thirty five acres and with an estimated five thousand stalls.


Even at that size, it was astonishing to see that it was completely packed with crowds. JJ Market is apparently the largest market in Thailand but it seems to be the largest in the world! They even have their own mini shuttle bus to ferry customers around.


All kinds of stuff can be bought cheaply at the market although I got the impression that there was more food and clothes than any other product.


There were well-known and international brands.


As well as perhaps, some knock off items and places.


There was plenty to attract tourists such as local crafts, antiquities, collectibles, accessories and religious artefacts as well as household goods, flowers and live animals for the locals.

Since we visited JJ around Thailand's National Day, there were a few stalls selling National Day items such as these pink shirts.


There was also a stage set up with a rocker performing. I wasn't sure if it was a regular thing or was happening because of the National Day.


As if all the stalls weren't enough, there were also plenty of ad-hoc pitches with these guys selling out of their suitcases.



We spent a good five hours including getting a hot lunch at JJ Market and towards the end, we chanced upon some tourists with a map and managed to get a bearing on areas that we perhaps had to yet check out. Luckily, similar businesses were congregated together making it easier to peruse.

By the time we left however, we were completely marketed-out. It's that big and busy.


Chatuchak opens at the weekends at 7am and closes officially at 6pm and can be reached via the BTS skytrain to Mo Chit station.


With all to see at JJ Market, I decided to split some selected photographs over five posts including this one. Next, some stuff to buy...

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