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Carrot Cake at the Temple Vegetarian Coffee Shop

Right next to the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple is a vegetarian coffee shop that is popular with both residents of the temple and local taxi drivers who park nearby for their breaks.


We met our friend there for lunch and picked portions and chose from a range of colourful dishes, some of which looked like meat, but which were actually created from non-meat-based ingredients. The idea of mock beef, mock fish etc has been around in Chinese cuisine for years now.



However, our friend also introduced us to carrot cake which is as far removed from the carrot cake we know and love in the UK. Chai tao kway, also known as fried carrot cake, or just carrot cake, is a savoury dish made of rice flour and white daikon, and the result is fried with chopped preserved radish, diced garlic and eggs. Here it is looking much like a pancake.


Linh, as usual, also opted for some dessert.


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