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Cambodian Land Mine Museum and Relief Facility

The Cambodian Land Mine Museum wasn't on our list of places to see, but as we were passing close by, our guide asked us if we wanted to have a look. He mentioned that it's a place that's quite significant in the history of his country so we thought we'd stop by.


As it happened, the museum is quite a small facility and also houses a number of children in grounds at the back who have suffered because of land mines. We ended up staying for more than an hour, becoming absorbed in the exhibits and stories that were told on the walls.


The Cambodian Land Mine Museum was founded by Aki Ra, a former Khmer Rough child soldier, who ended up clearing and decommissioning mines and bombs.


He created the museum to house his collection of explosive remnants and it serves to educate visitors about the devastating effects of the weapons, whilst he continues to de-mine areas at risk.





One wall was completely covered with accounts and photographs depicting the stories of children who have been rescued by the Relief Facility. There were so many, that we only had time to read a few, which were incredibly moving.


There's no doubt that the Cambodian Land Mine Museum and Relief Facility was a place that's making a real difference and worth dropping by to see another side of the country aside from its famous Angkor temples.


With a food stall just outside the museum, the horrors of war and land mines did very little to put off Linh's appetite and she got stuck into a few rolls.


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