Adventures in East Asia

Cambodian Country Roadside Housing

Since we weren't used to it, riding open air for long periods in a tuk-tuk was sometimes a little tough, but at the same time, we wouldn't have had it any other way. When the weather was hot, it was a refreshing way to feel closer to everything around us in Cambodia. The view was wider and more open and great for taking photos.


Out in the rural areas, we passed plenty of housing (on stilts, similar to Longhouses in Malaysian Borneo) which although looked more primitive than the town houses, still had an appeal about them.


Maybe its because they were evocative of simpler times, living off the land and being conscious about the environment around us. No need for modern amenities to keep up with and nothing to complicate our lives. The hot climate and blue skies helped too!


Here's a few more houses we saw. Would you want one as a second home?






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