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Buddhas in Bangkok

In the early evening, we took a taxi from Wat Pho to the nearest MRT station (to get to Suan Lum Night Bazaar) and there was a helluvalot of traffic. It took almost an hour to travel what seemed like a couple of miles. In London, this would have cost a fortune, but its a little cheaper in Bangkok, so Linh and I decided to stay in the cab.


During the journey, I think we passed close to Bangkok's Chinatown, judging by the direction. We crawled along one stretch of road that looked more like Buddha Town since it was lined with shops selling statues of the enlightened one. Statues were available in a liftable size...


As well as in a much larger size. I did wonder whether this was where Wat Pho and other temples around East Asia get their replacement statues..


Pre-wrapped Buddhas (or maybe not) in one neon-lit alley, looked pretty sinister I thought.


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