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Beef Bowls at Yoshinoya

People say you never grow hungry in Hong Kong. Well, that's probably true in any city but obviously your chances improve the more you know about what's good to eat and where to eat it. We're happily discovering this. There are lots of restaurants and counting aside the international chains, there are plenty of local chains (or far-eastern chains) that are English-friendly in design and menu language. Of course, we try what is recommended to us, and usually one restaurant or another is famous for something or other...


Anyway, we came across Yoshinoya which is famous for the beef bowl dish. I've never seen the chain before but it does appear to exist in Australia as well, but originates in Japan a long time ago.


The menu has a number of dishes but I try a meal combo with the beef bowl (which includes a miso soup and some tiny mango dessert thing, probably packed with additives - not worth getting).

The beef itself is quite nice. Thin, curly slices of beef that looks like they've just been cooked off rare. The slices are almost like bacon only much more tender and a little subtler with a salty taste. With a few vegetables, the beef is piled on top of some fragrant rice.

Like a small lunch, I found the meal left me wanting more and on a separate occasion, I also ordered some fried chicken wing with it too. But if the menu looks appetising enough for you, Yoshinoya is worth giving a go.

More information about Yoshinoya on Wikipedia

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06/04/10  at  09:06 PM
beef bowl in yoshinoya is very tasty pls can u send me how to prepare beef bowl pls tnx.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
07/04/10  at  08:47 PM
Sorry, no idea! It might be a trade secret...

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