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Beautifully Presented Artefacts at the National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea was a spacious, modernist construction housing many of Korea's ancient treasures. Opening in 2005, the place took eight years to build and contains a Childrens's museum in the West Wing, whilst the East Wing displays all the permanent exhibits.


Located close to Ichon metro station (Line 1 or 4), the museum doesn't cost anything to enter though tickets do have to be acquired from a box office first, located a short distance from the museum plaza and the entrance to either wing.


The East Wing has three floors and starting at the bottom, we explored the Archaeological Gallery and the Historical Gallery. The second floor contained examples of Fine Art and a Donation Gallery featuring items from Japanese collectors. The third and final floor collects a whole host of Buddhist sculptures great and small and a gallery presenting a range of art from other Asian countries as well as Korea.

I have to admit that though history and context are essential to place, understand and fully appreciate museum artefacts, I often forego this information and purely concentrate on what I like the look of and can photograph. And within the National Museum of Korea, there was plenty!

These animal figures at the top of the page, I found to be creative, as were the following, simpler figures.


A buddha from the many on show on the third floor and a female figure.



Miniature pottery buildings were dinky and interesting with a fair amount of detail.



A contrast to the multi-storey scaling pagoda sculpture at one end of the exhibition hall!


Stamps and their containers..



Unusual bowls and containers, lit perfectly!


Animal skulls.


And animal sculptures. Believe it or not, this is one part of a very hard-looking wooden head rest! (Maybe the pillow disintegrated.)


A throne and some traditional architecture.



More photos of the National Museum of Korea on Flickr.

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