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Baseball Batting at Insadong

During our stroll down Insadong-gil, day turned to night as we passed what looked like an open-fronted garage but with the unavoidable sounds of lots of "bashing". Curious, we stared at this scene which appeared devoid of the source of sound, until we realised that all the noise came from above it.


The net (seen above the space in the photo below) was capturing fallen baseballs and channeling them towards a funnel and hence the noise was coming from a baseball hitting facility above.


Going up the stairs, Linh and I checked out the Baseball Hitting Practice facility and watched other customers wait for a spare batting spot, and then enter to insert 500 KRW (25p) into a machine.


We decided to give it a go - the whole facility was very informal and people were just batting to have a laugh and swing their arms about a bit. Inserting our coins, we got ten balls per 500 KRW, served up at speed by a pitching machine a good few metres away.


Of course, the whole facility was enclosed with a net for safety, and it was pretty fun to whack the balls as much as we liked. We left feeling a little more excited than we were before.

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