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Balanced Veggie Food at the Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe

Our friend L took us to the Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe in Singapore's Waterloo Street for a deliciously light lunch. She was keen to take us there as apart from being a vegetarian herself, the food was meant to be superbly colour balanced as well as tasty. Obviously, like me, she's a designer! Have a look at the food for yourself below! However, I do apologise for the yellowish tint, which I couldn't get rid of.


With a plate each and a bowl of clear broth, the meal was a satisfying blend of visual and culinary stimuli. There's an upturned bowl of brown rice in the middle and this is surrounded by an assortment of vegetables, some lightly coated with a simple sauce.


Our friend had mentioned that the service was a little funny sometimes, possibly with a bit of attitude. The strange thing was that we all ordered the same thing, but our plates came in slightly different configurations.

The Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe also sold a number of products as you can see by this wall shelf full of stuff! The photo just shows the dining area we were seated in, but the serving area, along with a few more seats, the entrance and more stuff for sale was in another room.


The Little Green Pastures Vegetarian Cafe was on one of the upper floors (4th I think) inside the Fortune Centre, which in turn was at the corner of the junction between Waterloo Street and Middle Road. Located next to the Sri Krishnan Temple (Hindu) and the Goddess of Mercy Temple (Chinese), the Fortune Centre contained a wealth of food outlets for vegetarians with at least four or five vegetarian cafes in total.





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