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Baked Tarantulas and the Siem Reap Old Market

Linh and I checked out the Old Market (and also the New Market nearby) in Siem Reap a few times but did it with little enthusiasm since we had already seen "enough" in a multitude of markets in Bangkok the previous week. Still, on a different occasion it would be a lovely place to pick up some souvenirs - silk, clothes, textiles, statues and other craft curios. Some bright, bamboo-packaged spices caught my eye.


There's an area of the market for food stuff too and Linh went in search of some fruit whilst I wandered around.


I came across a very large bowl of baked (or possibly fried?!) tarantulas. I probably don't need to say any more than that, so here's the photo.


As a traditional Cambodian market, I guess the Old Market can be for both tourists and locals alike, unless of course, we, as tourists are expected to consume these arachnids as well. Insects in Bangkok were enough for me.

Update: It seems these tarantulas (fried) are meant for tourists. The BBC reports on how they're served up by Cambodia's street children.


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