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Arriving in Malacca and the Beautiful Hotel Puri

Our journey to Malacca began at Singapore. In fact, during our time in Singapore, we had already crossed over to Malaysia twice (for Pulau Tioman and Kuching) before returning and then finally leaving (for the foreseeable future) for Malacca. By the way, we were confused about the two spellings, Malacca and Melaka, but found out that they're the English and Malay spellings respectively.


The Coach Journey

We had pre-booked coach seats and departed from the Kovan Hub at 8am but the full sized coach was practically empty at only 8 passengers! The journey took 4 hours in total which included stopping off to get through immigration between Singapore and Malaysia and a half hour break to eat. We arrived at Malacca's Sentral Bus Station at 12pm.

Taxi drivers greeted us (for business) coming straight off the coach and we ended up being slightly overcharged (RM20 (£3.50) instead of RM15) for the short journey to the historic part of Malacca and to Hotel Puri. The taxi wasn't even air-conditioned either. We weren't that fussed, but my advice if you're arrival at Sentral would be to move away from the coach arrival point and probably to the other side of the building where more taxi's wait. It seems to be where locals pick them up from.

When we had arrived at the Sentral Bus Station, I have to admit that our impression of the city wasn't great, though granted, we were just at a bus station. But when we walked into the old city of Malacca and over the next few days, our impressions changed and we found the place to be a beautifully charming and compact city to explore.

Hotel Puri

Having pre-booked our room at Hotel Puri, we were a little early at 12.30pm (as check-in was at 2pm) so dropped our bags off to find some food, before returning to check in.


The Hotel Puri was a 50 room boutique hotel, beautifully restored from a pre-war building in the heart of the old city of Malacca, Malaysia. It was just at the edge of the historical precinct but so very convenient for us to stroll from to explore in the 3 days that we were there. We found that 3 days was enough for us.


As a carefully restored Peranakan house, Hotel Puri extended100 metres long and had distinct characteristics such as its beautiful and intricately decorated façade and the impressive length of the house. Retaining its old charm, Hotel Puri Melaka provided modern amenities to its hotel guests. We noticed the subtly placed plaque for the Melaka Tourism Award 2006/2007, awarded for the Best Hotel Service for a 3 Star Hotel.


We also noticed the price list in the foyer for rooms and found that they were a little cheaper than our online booking quote, though not by much.


Hotel Puri was a delight to stay in since the breakfast room and separate restaurants utilised both indoor and outdoor seating areas. In fact, I was impressed one morning when the staff sensed the possibility of rain and operated a mechanical cover that stretched over the entire dining area. In the photo above, the outdoor dining area is just visible in the rounded doorway, where you can see some light brown wooden furniture.


Hotel Museum

There was also a mini museum featuring a potted history of Malacca and depicted through various statures, sculptures, paintings and model ships. Another room's centre piece was the rickshaw below, although I found the Swiftlets, who had made the upper wall's their home, to be more fascinating.


We only noticed them when we walked through and a few of them were circling the ceiling at speed, before settling into their bird nests. The room itself had openings to the outside hence giving the birds access.


Swiftlets were not just in the Hotel Puri though. It was clear when we first approached the old city that the hotel was just one home for the birds. Massive swarms of them were hovering and speeding above the streets like rain clouds on speed!


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