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Arrival in Kuala Lumpur and the Railway System

Traveling from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur was a very cheap and straightforward process as we were able to turn up at Malacca's Sentral Bus Station and get tickets for RM12 (£2.15) each on the spot. Taking only two hours, it was only when we got to Kuala Lumpur that we got a little confused.


From the coach drop off point to the nearest station, which turned out to be the Sungai Besi LRT, we simply had to cross a main road (with our luggage).


Our hotel was several stations away at the Medan Tuanku Monorail station and because both stations were on different rail systems, at one point, we had to exit not just the train but also the station itself to change.


There were several urban railways in addition to the Monorail and LRT, consisting of the KTM Kommuter, KLIA Express and KLIA Transit! Because the systems weren't actually integrated, we had to walk a short distance between the LRT and Monorail stations at our Hang Tuah interchange (to continue onto Medan Tuanku) as well as queue up and buy a ticket each time for each leg of the journey. There was a "touch and go" card that we're read about but it apparently wasn't worth us getting it for our short stay in KL.


I have to admit, after our three days in Kuala Lumpur were up, it seemed like it was cheaper after all just to buy tickets each time, and we largely only traveled on the Monorail line (or caught taxis) to get to the places we wanted to visit.


With Malaysia's tropical climate, we noticed that some stations had reptile cages. At the Imbi Monorail station, there was an iguana cage.




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