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Architecture Museum of Malaysia in Malacca

If you love miniature architecture models, then the Architecture Museum of Malaysia in Malacca is your place. Located along Jalan Kota around the corner from the main square, it was free to enter and contained a host of different examples of architecture from the country, made even more diverse by its history of indigenous and colonial rule.


The Architectural Museum of Malaysia was established in 2004 and was the first such museum in Malaysia. The building was originally the official residence of the Dutch ruler of Malacca in 18th century before eventually becoming a historical monument under the Antiquities Act of 1976. In 1998, the Department of Museums Malaysia carried out conservation work on the overall structure of the building and restored it to its former glory.


The museum has almost all styles of building models with the construction details of Malaysian old buildings, all the way through to modern architecture. There are malay houses, detailing the different rooms, levels and verandahs as well as more elaborate palace architecture. I also found some of the information and models from the longhouse communities in Malaysian Borneo of interest since we had previously visited one of them.



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