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Animal Zone at the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower

The KL Tower Animal Zone was a mini zoo just next to the Tower itself and was included in the price of entrance up to the Tower. We wouldn't have paid separately to go in though, only because that wasn't the point of being up there.


However, it was quite a nice visit (if animals in captivity are your thing). Beyond the entrance hut above, the Animal Zone just extends in another couple of rooms, but the place is packed with tanks for insects and reptiles, and cages for large iguanas, birds, monkeys and other small mammals. Linh gets up close and personal with a snake. Sorta.


I'd been getting keener and keener on iguanas (much to Linh's anguish) and when I saw these huge ones with their rainbow markings, I knew I had to get one back in the UK. These were between one to two feet long.



However, I've since come to my senses after realising that tame as the ones we'd seen are, they're not actually that easy to keep and require definite dedication. And lots of training to tame them in the first place.


There was a parrot at the entrance to welcome visitors, more birds in a massive cage on the inside and some sleeping mammals in an open topped enclosure.



The stars of the show however, had to be the Albino Pigtailed Macaque and her baby.


Whilst the mother sat on her wooden platform, the active baby took kindly to Linh's camera and tried to nick it through the cage bars!

Outside the Animal Zone, there was also a pony ride attraction, which was separate to the zone, but also included in the price for the Tower.


It was just ride around the tent really, but Linh unfortunately was too heavy to have a go, so could only pose with the pony.


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12/08/10  at  10:43 AM
in the way is one macaw keeps animals terrible and shoots very terrible shortage in the best care for these animals is. I have crying walked away of what I found here. all animals sat too small without the correct facilities and the most only sat desert fox kept only in a dog cage kennel squirrels in a bird cage , pony' s that each day the small round must walk
the way here animals are kept is prehistorically and has nothing with future or do the present
1 of the pony' s had something up what was simply continued working to its behind legs and I take part of animal suffering and Council a manner has seldom this way tried everyone in to this not and this zoo to avoid!
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
12/08/10  at  02:37 PM
Nicole, you're absolutely correct and I feel a little ashamed that I didn't think about the conditions the animals were kept in. The space is fairly small and with the volume of animals kept, each captive has very limited space to move.

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