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Albino Hedgehogs and more at Dongdaemun Market Aquarium Street

Within the massive area of Dondaemun Market, we stumbled across the "Aquarium Shopping Centre" which actually is just a street lined with pet shops. It was located along the Cheonggye Stream, on the north bank to the left of Dasangyo Bridge.


I was a little stunned by the amount of livestock crammed into cages and open-topped aquariums in this street. "Animal cruelty" came into mind, though I found myself checking my thoughts since apart from the volume, there were no other visible issues I noticed. Besides, I was in a culture foreign to my own.


The shops along the street all displayed stacked aquariums and cages. There were rabbits and chickens as well as puppies and kittens.

This place had a cage of albino hedgehogs as well as budgies in open-topped aquariums. Wings must have been clipped.


Though I've seen a few hamsters on sale in my life, I've never seen this many, piled into a plastic container.


There were also some hermit-crab-type crustaceans, some of whose shells were gaudily painted.


What do you think of these pet shop displays?

More photos of Dondaemun Market on Flickr.




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