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109 Building Sushi in Shibuya

The 109 Building near the famous Shibuya crossing must be equally famous to young fashion conscious Japanese women. Its a circular block, which crams in many stores within a small circumference, but which it makes up for with over eight floors (I think) of female retail therapy. You can just see the 109 Building in the far left edge of this photo below.


Stores are filled with wild and punky designs, clothes that make a statement and which clearly show that the wearer has made an effort. Whilst the clientele are a mix of conservative and fashion conscious women, the store assistants aren't. They're more likely to be reflecting the clothes in their stores, and for the few men in the block like me, make for fascinating watching!

Anyway, I digress on the sushi in the title. We didn't even realise there were restaurants in the 109 building until we met up with a local friend, who suggested we pop up towards the top floor.


There are a few restaurants there and we visited a fairly largish sushi restaurant that featured lots of booth tables and a conveyor belt (that wasn't functioning at the time). Worth a visit if all the fashion stores and women takes its toll!


A few more photos online at Flickr

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